Been a while over the summer since I've written on here. Too much time spent with the natural to visit the virtual. Still someone send me a fragment of a discussion between a group of Green Party members which started on a proposed motion to conference but seems to have degenerated into some mutual misunderstanding of terms. So I thought I'd put fingers to keyboard and stir the soup.

I'd really like to say something about a possible political strategy for the Ecology Movement, and the Green Party as its political wing. But first I'd like to talk about an aspect of the breadth of the green (as opposed to ecology) movement and the relationship between its various parts - its internal ecology if you like.

Following on from the piece on where now for the green movement I'd like to talk about UKIP.  Let us start though by reviewing a bit of green history.

At the start of the recent election campaign I referred to 1974 for a possible lesson from history - well here we are then. Unfortunately not the full February 1974, but pretty close.