It’s that time of year again – the fruits are coming in, redcurrants are done and what the blackbirds didn’t grab are in the freezer (didn’t make jelly this year, but Jane’s Redcurrant ice-cream is delicious and there are several pounds of berries in the freezer for future use), blackcurrants are looking good and starting to pick although the blackbirds are having a go at them too, looks like there might be good crops of plums, pears, apples and some medlars as well. 

Let us start by making one thing very clear. Based on what I heard, if I had had a vote in the last US presidential election I would not have voted for Mr. Trump. Nor would I have voted for Mrs. Clinton. I’m not sure who the minor candidates were but if there were none acceptable (how ecologically sound are the american greens?) then at least over there it is a recognised option to write in your own preference on the ballot paper.

I’ve no idea if this is a true story, or a bit of self-publicity by a pundit:

If a true story then you probably need, once you have got over your anger, decide whether you need to do anything about it – it is, after all, a direct threat to you.

Dancing is very important and interesting.

I don’t mean the sort of dancing with a partner or the sort of dancing that says look at me I’m so cool. I mean the dancing that really connects you directly with the music – preferably being played live.