So here we are again, five months and a couple of days on from the last time I posted here. Not that I haven't thought about it; many times I've composed some comment or other on the world and her ways as they seemed to me - but somehow they never got translated from head stuff through the fingers to stuff you can read.

So maybe a fresh start is needed. What, after all, is the point of this place? Its primary purpose is to collect and work up random eco-green ideas as they arise to put them into something I can later refer back to. The audience is my future self. Since I am now my future self, what would I like to see here today that my past self wrote something about over the past year?


Well what did I make of the trips to London in April and October with XR. Were they worthwhile? What did I learn? How did I expect them to change me - which now future Roger today would be able to further reflect on and pass an interim judgement as to whether my expectations were realised or distracted into a different form.

How about the continuing decline and failure of the political green party which often saddened me? I did spend a few years of my life being fairly convinced that that was something worth fighting for and could actually deliver. This is now obviously not the case.

Then there is all the PC/woke shite that is swirling around the activist space - a toxic set of concepts if ever there was one. Surely that desrves some comment and condemnation.

How about those whose ideas I have been receptive to in the past - how have they fared? Greer stuck in a continental ghetto. Orlov decomposed into crude and simplistic west bashing now he lives in eastern parts. Both occasionally still offering valuable insights, but no longer eagerly awaited by me. Monbiot as flakey as ever - a very hit and miss affair, still keeping his head above water just. Murray (Craig) has risen to be the current favourite - almost always on the mark and with good targets. Not afraid to go out on a limb, not obviously anyone's puppet.

In more depth both Jeremy Lent's 2017 "The Patterning Instinct" and Teddy Goldsmith's 1996 revision of "The Way" have earned pride of place on my bookshelf this year - what to say about them? Fucking brilliant is what.

The big question for me today is where now? Where now for XR, and will I travel further with them? Where now to live physically - closer to the next generation, or further from the world and her decay? Whether to engage with a society that comprises almost entirely damaged and crippled people with their eyes looking behind them at every step to be sure to continue on the same course. They belief that the future will be just like the past only more so - well that can cut both ways. Look in the rear-view mirror and you still see a road of progress and improvement, but with every step things actually get more shit.

Will I write more on here this decade, this year, this month, this week? Certainly not today. I write letters to true brothers in arms instead.

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