What is a King?


So What IS a King?


What makes a king?

What makes a king real?

What does she do?

How does she live?


Does a king have a palace? One that is bigger than mine?

With servants to dress him, and chefs for his food.

Does she sit on a throne encrusted with jewels,

Raised up on dais with symbols of old?


Was his mother a king, and her father before her?

A dynasty born in trouble and strife.

A throne that was stolen by invasion and war,

Or simply invited to preserve an elite.


Does he care for the people, and when did we choose him?

To father our nation and be closer to god?

Do we make a divide between royal and common?

Is this how we tell what it is to be king?


No. That is not kingship. Not for my world.

A true king has nothing, he gives all he gets.

He provides us with succour for body and mind.

Her throne is a tree, his sceptre a flower.


He stewards the realm, and all life that is lived here.

He enables all people to flourish and thrive.

Her power is immense, but her touch it is light.

She heals and she nurtures, and pays us with love.


She is king for a season, but he's one of us.

For we are the people who consent to her kingship.

A debt that has to be royally repaid.

The people empowered live lives that are free.


So NO to hereditary, and NO to your power trip.

If I did not choose you, you can't be my king.

Let royalty wither,

let courtiers fall,

let palaces crumble and old kings be no more.

Arise the republic with fair shares for all.


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