Boxing the compass is a sailor’s exercise where all 32 points of the mariner’s compass are named in clockwise order starting from North. On board ship it is essential for everyone to be using the same technical language without pause for thought in order to communicate essential information.

So here's the scenario - a conservative prime minister faced with problems over Europe, continuing and growing economic difficulties, opposed by Labour in disarray and Liberals reduced to a taxicab-full  calls a snap election. The commentariate and the opinion polls predict an easy conservative win.

Nearly a year later I find this incomplete fragment from June 2016 in the drafts folder. Ah well, lets let it out as it stands as an incomplete fragment. I imagine I was going to say that the eco-technic dream (or nightmare if you prefer) is not a viable world, but that it has useful elements. Presumably I was going on to say something about the doomsdaysayer scenario, not fully accepting it as either inevitable or indeed a complete end-of-time. Life will probably go on, and human life may be knocked back but persist in islands in the storm, gradually adapting to very changed circumstances, but still pursuing the goal of all life - self-realisation.

I really don't like going on demos as I think I have said on here before. But very often I have a lot of agreement with the cause that the demonstration is espousing.

So instead of going for a walk down the middle of the street on Saturday I spent the time writing this instead (an adaptation here of a version that was a letter to my councillor and another to my MP - I might yet do a much shorter version to the local newspaper.