It seems that Professor Bendell’s paper entitled “Deep Adaptation” is being quite widely circulated which is great. Following on from Rupert Read’s piece,, published here a year ago and in line with much other thought and discussion about what comes next and how to live in it the Deep Adaptation paper is a really useful contribution in widening the debate. 

You can read the paper here, and Prof.Bendell’s blog is here. Rupert’s piece is linked above and has now also been published elsewhere and he has ‘come out’ as the author, his (very) occasional blog is here – I think he is more active on Facebook but I don’t go there any more. 

Just finished reading Paul Kingsnorth’s collection of essays “Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist”.


Kingsnorth (it seems wrong to call him Paul since we have never met, and Mister Kingsnorth is a bit formal, but using just his surname is a bit school and demeaning – at least if you went to the sort of school we both evidently did. But then I remember that even friends called each other by our surnames at school – or sometimes an adapted version which is where CrOsborne came from – so perhaps it is okay). 

The Cornwall Reports exclusive on local MPs links to Israel is very timely. I have just today returned from taking part in The Big Ride for Palestine, cycling with 200 others from all over the UK and beyond (including three of us from Cornwall – my wife, Euan McPhee from Falmouth and myself) from Coventry to London. 

Cornwall Reports, the news website for Cornwall, has published their exclusive here. It is behind the paywall, but Cornwall Reports is well worth subscribing to if you are interested in Cornwall issues. It is very low cost and totally subscriber funded and the editorial line is well left of centre and focuses on issues around the local NHS and dysfunctional Cornwall Council amongst other things. 

The week before last I finally got around to reading Naomi Klein’s post-Trumplection book “No Is Not Enough”

It is very good, particularly in the first half we she expounds on how Trump is not The Problem, he is a symptom of The Problem. The logical consequence of what came before – if not Trump then something else just the same. 

Very easy to read she goes on to critique the negativity inherent in always being against things, protesting about this or that, shuffling through the streets chanting slogans, always on the back foot and failing to ignite the fire within.