Human population size needs to be back on the agenda for discussion. Not ignored because of the rate of growth in numbers may be declining. Absolute numbers continue to grow far faster than was the case with a larger rate of growth on a smaller base. The problem is here and now.

David Taylor’s comment on the Where’s the Ecology Party When You Need It post raises an interesting question – he asked “why is the Green Party short of actual greens in positions of responsibility. Where are the greens?

A good friend came to stay a few days ago and we spent the evening discussing revolution; what, who, when, why and how.  A fairly wide ranging discussion that continued over breakfast and then prompted a lot of thinking during idle moments over the following days.

There has been quite a lot of interesting, and I think important, "environmental" news over the last couple of weeks. Most recently there was new UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove's opinion piece published on the government website hard on the heels of his announcements on neonicentoids and other matters. An environment minister taking action and setting policy based on evidence - surely something that the Green Party would have something to say about.