At the start of the recent election campaign I referred to 1974 for a possible lesson from history - well here we are then. Unfortunately not the full February 1974, but pretty close.

We need to start seeding the next civilisation, because this one is finished

Summary: This civilisation (meaning: the vast majority now of human life on Earth) will be transformed:

It will either collapse utterly.

Or it (we) will manage to seed a future successor-civilisation, as this one collapses.

Or this civilisation will somehow manage to transform itself radically and rapidly, in an unprecedented manner, in time to avert collapse.

Many friends over the past month have been either involved in, or distracted by, the election which concludes tomorrow.

Partly because of this I haven't bothered to write anything here (or elsewhere) for the last month. But now, whatever the outcome tomorrow (and personally I think it makes very little difference to the really important issues about how we should be), the time is right to restart lots of discussions.

Over the coming months I intend to shift most of my comments and thoughts on issues and ideas around "green stuff" (ecologism) to this platform.

I will also welcome contributions from others, either as items to publish here (email them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or as comments on items that get published, or simply as links to your own work published elsewhere (so long as not behind a login/social media wall).

The project here is to work towards a practical approach to living that takes me from where I am today to being contained within a secure and stable ecological niche.

To this end I will be publishing a first guest post on here later today or tomorrow, and aiming to contribute at least one piece a week from myself from July (my internet access during June will be intermittent but I might be able to pop up here).

I hope you will join me.

One of the great unexpected pleasures of working with David Taylor on the Green History project ( is the discovery and re-discovery of many books published between 1970 and 1990 covering various aspects of "green-ness". Also of course there is lots of older key source material to be found as well as post 1989 attempts to round up or summarise the experience of the 70's and 80's.