A common trope used by greenies promoting the benefits of the EU was to talk about the "environmental protections" that they claimed the EU had introduced. They spread fear about how terrible it would be to leave - assuming that these usually much watered down protections would be lost.

A splendid afternoon and evening yesterday spent with David Taylor [Referendum] going through some of his archive material on the early years of the green movement from 1974 onwards.

Try this, at some stages you may disagree:

So on Thursday I'll go and cast a vote in a fairly pointless, in the ecological scheme of things, decision about whether the UK should remain part of a regional capitalist market organisation dedicated to promoting never ending economic growth, or whether it should leave, not to turn its back on capitalism but to forge its own brand of participation in the global capitalistic project "free" from the constraints imposed by levelling across the European field. Or that's how the two official in and out campaigns appear to see it once you strip away the corrosive fear mongering that has characterised the entire campaign.