Elsewhere Keith Farnish has written about the Tools of Disconnection in his book "Underminers" (available online here and worth a read). The Tools of Disconnection as Keith outlined them in his earlier book "Time's Up" refer to the forces which industrial civilization deploys to keep its subjects from Connecting with themselves, the people they directly depend on and interact with, and the natural ecosystem(s) of which they are a part and which support their existence.

So given that the GP is more or less distracted by, and conflicted about, the priorities of a hundred different important topics and unable to set a clear direction any more, perhaps we need to go back to first principles and start again with a new movement that is once again focused on the existential crisis which threatens to extinguish the makers of the anthropocene even as they declare the new epoch open.

In the week that science officially declared the Anthropocene some thoughts about about our real place in the order of things.

As we are born and grow so we gain in our awareness of our self as somehow unique. A boundary is experienced in the physical world and slowly we map its contours, The boundary between self and other.

One of my favourite weekly reads is John Michael Greer's blog (aka The Archdruid Report). He is almost always entertaining and thought provoking; he writes from a USA perspective and much of his writing concerns the current slow unravelling of the American Empire which peaked sometime between 1948 and 1989. Most of what he says is also globally relevant, and has implications even for a tinpot ex-imperial client state of the USA such as mine.