In the current issue of Resurgence & Ecologist an article entitled "Small is Still Beautiful" by Paul Kingsnorth very effectively identifies the dead-end that the broad ecology movement from the 1970s has ended up in with the current political Green direction. Brexit being the lens which has brought this into sharp focus.

Came across this in an essay by Arne Naess called "The World of Concrete Contents". It is a pretty abstruse philosophical essay but this passage stood out:

I missed writing last Sunday when I was going to follow on from the previous item on effective action by looking specifically at protests, in the sense of organised marches, and petitions. So here goes.

A lot of angst is spilt in some circles about the morality of direct action and when and whether it should be branded as non-violent (NVDA - a nice safe sounding acronym) or even whether direct, presumably as opposed to indirect, action can ever be justified.