This project has hung around for a couple of years or more with very occasional posts (many of which remain hidden). Not for lack of things worth saying, but pressure of time and events and lack of attention to the importance of  reflection.

Having a little more time on my hands now and still a lot of ideas banging around, the current intention is to try and nail one each week – most likely on a Sunday.

The focus is on things relevant to what we might call the broader green movement, and not just the Green Party (GPEW),  the movement’s political arm in the UK. I spent the past ten years as an active member of GPEW having taken a deliberate decision to stop being a passive traveller with the movement but to actually do something. Looking around at that time (2006) there was no FoE or GreenPeace group where I was and I stumbled across the Philosophical Basis of the Green Party and it rang a bell for me.

Recent events, most significantly my experiences of going to Paris in December 2016 for COP21, have led me to softly and silently allow my membership and activity in GPEW to fade away. A positive decision to focus my personal energies elsewhere – one consequence of which is that I might be writing more on here …

… we shall see.