29 Aug

The Individual and the Collective

It is often said that in the face of the type of crises we face individual action is ineffective and that the only way ‘progress’ can be made in changing things – is by mass collective action. On the face of it this is obvious.

It is also true that calls for individual action – “be the change you wish to see in the world” – are a distraction, a way of letting people feel they are doing something when in fact their acts are trivial and far from effective. “I’ve stopped flying/eating meat/using plastic straws/whatever so I’m doing my bit”.   Read More

11 Aug

Deep Adaptation and the new Three R’s

It seems that Professor Bendell’s paper entitled “Deep Adaptation” is being quite widely circulated which is great. Following on from Rupert Read’s piece, http://greentalk.org.uk/this-civilisation-is-finished/, published here a year ago and in line with much other thought and discussion about what comes next and how to live in it the Deep Adaptation paper is a really useful contribution in widening the debate.  Read More