Some thoughts about strategy in the context of an ecologically benign organisation, prompted by looking at the attempts of a group in XR to produce and update a strategy document.

A strategy, in the sense of a document that is produced by one sub-group within an organisation to guide the direction and actions of the whole organisation over a period of time, is usually the a product of an organisation which has a centralised command and control structure. A hierarchical organisation in which the central node (the 'top' of a hierarchy) sets a direction and constraints on the actions of its component parts.

This is not how organisms in nature, in an eco-system, in Gaia, work.

January 2019 update:

So two and a half years of intermittent posts and for various reasons the time has come to move away from Wordpress and bring this one into my family of Joomla sites.

Content from the previous site is gradually being migrated across. New posts will continue to appear intermittently, the look and feel will get tinkered with as I feel the urge, life will go on... 

From time to time I come across someone who declares that they are a vegan. I imagine there may be plenty of other vegans who don’t announce themselves as such unnecessarily but they are not a problem.

I absolutely have no problem with someone choosing a particular diet, it may not be my own choice but they are free to eat what they like and I only really need to know if we are eating together and I either need to cook a meal that will meet their requirements or it affects our choice of restaurant. 

The trouble arrises when they raise their veganism when it is not really useful or relevant information. This is usually because they want to persuade their audience that the world would be a much better place if  only everyone confirmed to their own particular food fetish.

So yes we have multiple problems and the political system doesn’t seem to be able to find a way to respond because it is all too much to cope with.

So perhaps here’s a little idea to break the logjam...